When we talk about a coach or a mentor the first thing that comes in our mind in support, someone whom we always look for, someone who will guide us to the paths and the goals we want to achieve. Having a mentor is like having a work parent, who will help us grow in the organization as an employee and as a person in life.

Why Them?

Especially in network marketing, we always need someone who can be a mentor or a coach who will teach you the ways to grow together and with making relations. Network marketing is a wide market which will include all the three terms I.e. coach, mentor, and a community depending on which platform of business you are standing in. being in a network marketing business you always need a mentor to whom you learn all business secrets while spending information time with him. As and wehn one can get challenge in business so Mentor is the person to look for the solutions..


There are people who will give you advice for your growth and development, then there is a mentor who lives each and every struggle of yours with you, support you, guide you in every possible situation, and is probably more like a parent.


When you want to get success, talk to someone who has been there and done that, same as you, someone who has the experience in that area. A coach, yes! He will guide you regarding the personal and professional steps you need to take in order to get maximum success in life.

A coach will guide you, set timelines, advice you regarding the best opportunity he had, and the ways he had to follow to get maximum success.

Always work with person who is higher in terms of earning, experience and as a person.


Engaging with the community, you have built over the years of experience and hard work must stay with you even when you have every success in life. Be it your friends, family, co-workers, colleagues, your Facebook page community, they all are the one who has helped you to build something all together and have help you grow over time.

Coatch or Mentor are professionals, they are always in business zone and talk business, walk business in a professional way. I learn entire business in deep from my mentor and same I advice to all. There are people who are just amazing at there work, full of energy, always give the best results, they are basically naturals, but there are people who do great but still need a little focus or some help from the mentor, or the society.

Always be honest, loyal and committed with your community because they have helped you grow over the years and in future too they will sustain only if they are valued.


Based on my experience and long journey in Network Markeitng I would suggest surrender yourself in front of your Mentor or Coatch and allow him to guide you in right direction..

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