The first thing you need to understand is that network marketing is not a piece of everyone’s cake, some people do great in channel marketing and some just love the way they are and the life they are living, not everyone has the potential to work and grow in network marketing.

Quitting in the first 90 days of your career in network marketing is very common and 75%of the people do this because they realize that, it’s not their cup of tea. So basically they are not quitting on you, they are quitting beause they don’t feel it’s doable for them and they quit on the company or the work they have to do.


It can be harder when you are new to the industry and you need a lot of guidance and should be open for learning, but some people not allow themself in front of somebody to learn and do not have realistic dreams that they want to get success in quick manner. But this is never possible, you need to give your 100% to learn about the company, products and compensation plan to get success in the network marketing. Simply, one can do this as part time or full time to earn.


Network marketing is all about business with harmony and making reactions, that person will never come back in the company so make sure to maintain the good relations with them even after they are away because if you will do so it will show the good side of your work and nature. Your empathy will be reflected in your work.

How to manage quit of your downline:

There can be a million reasons why people quit their jobs or network marketing, but you as a leader will have to make sure that it is managed well.


Firstly, try to put a huge number of people from outside your circle of friends and family, try cold calling, approach to companies, door to door selling, so that a huge number of people will not quit at the same time and you now have channels outside your warm circle..


Perform your best as a leader, always make sure you have the best interest of the people who are on your team and you are managing them well. if this doesn’t take place there are high chances that your teams will quit.

Maintain a healthy personal relationship with your downline, never go on them like sharing secrets and personal stuff, this makes a possibility for consumers, which leads to breaking of the professionalism with your employees, or downline.

If people actually want to be successful they will take action to do so, you don’t need to force down anyone, or as a leader give your justice t them, all you need to do now is to be active in your marketing skills and start searching for a new team.

So continue with your work and try not to focus, if you want to grow as a person don’t strive for quitters.

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