Loving your work and what you do is a completely different thing than being addicted to your work, so much addicted that you are just so much involved in completing the job duties that you tend to start facing issues in your personal life.

Completing your tasks are good for your job and your career opportunities, but you don’t have to complete just dive your complete self into it. That is one big fear which stops many people from setting their lives in the corporate world.

They fear that they will not be able to perform as per the standards if they will take this much of work. they tend to lose good opportunities and food chances of meeting amazing clients and people. This is the fear of Workaholic relapse!

Away from the “Respectable Addiction

Yes, Workaholism is the respectable addiction which will not only turn you into a complete maniac! These people are often seen by there bosses or co-workers as passion, commitment or love for the work!

And if we see this in modern world perspective, workaholism is the badge of honor!

When you are addicted to your work, you tend to have millions of questions in your mind that don’t let you function properly…

What if my health will suffer?

Will I be able to manage my relationships and my family?

Do I have a social life?

What if I become too consumed by my work?

Its okay to have these questions in your mind, this thinking shows that your social and healthy life are equally important to you, and that’s a good thing.

When to know you are a WORKAHOLIC?

  • You always have a desire to be the smartest of all: There is a constant feeling in your mind to come out as the best amongst everyone. This can also come out as a lack of self-confidence.
  • The sole motive is to earn money and recognition: You are working all the time, just to earn that extra incentive, or to get completed with it so that you can get good promotion and recognition in your company.
  • Loneliness in your life: In such case, you don’t have any personal life so you indulge completely in your professional one. You have this constant feeling that if you will stop working you will not have anything to do.
  • Fear of change: a workaholic is best at there work but they tend to have a fear that they won’t be able to perform outside there work areas, which make them completely addicted to the work they are performing.
  • No Self-Love: workaholics have this constant feeling that they don’t have any self-worth and people talk to them because of there workaholic attitude and dedication towards task given to them, which ultimately leads to demotivation and destress!
  • Constant attention to perfection: Such people believe that they need to be focused towards there work all the time then only they can attain perfection and give the best performance.

Above mentioned are some factors that indicate yourself to be a Workaholic!

Working is an amazing thing for living a good life, you feel good about yourself, you have self-confidence in you and you tend to perform the best and earn the best for you and your company. Until its an addiction! Because when you get addicted to your work, many things in your life will be suffered.


So, in order to avoid such a situation, you need to set some rules for yourself which will help you to get focused on your work without being addicted to it. These workaholic prevention tips are as follows:

1. Work with your Ideal Clients:

Instead of giving your precious time and efforts to every other client dedicate your hard-work to ones who actually deserve it, who you feel that are important or are your dream clients, with whom you wanna collaborate and show your full dedication and performance. You don’t want to waste your time with people you don’t feel is that important for your growth.

2. Always stick to them

Never ever go back to the clients you don’t want just because you are an idol, take some time off, you have done your job now it’s your time to relax, don’t add that extra unnecessary burden just because you are done with necessary one. Go relax for some time, have a glass of wine, get social, enjoy with your family. Live your life!

3. Go for a Walk

If you feel you are not treating your body good, fix yourself some good workout, go for a walk, join the dance class you always wanted to, follow your hobbies and stay healthy. Don’t be afraid, you will make time for all this if you actually wish to do stuff.

4. Plan Everything Out

Write everything down, schedule the dates, work according to time, don’t overload yourself with one thing and make others suffer. Devote time to individual things, i.e. one thing at a time.

5. Trust Yourself

Just go with the flow, always carry the ‘you can do it attitude’ and this will help you to do wonders. Don’t keep soo much burden on yourself, trust your gut and enjoy each day.

These workaholic prevention tips will help you to dedicate your time to your work, your social life, and to your health. Soon, you will feel good about yourself and your work too. I hope this article was of your help, if you would like to stay updated, do follow me on various social media platforms.


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