What is Network Marketing? Some may call it multi-level marketing, chain marketing or pyramid scheme. In reality, it all comes down to a very well scientific process of doing product marketing. Some scams related to this might have spoiled it by name in the market but, it is a full proof plan to be a stable millionaire. This is a complete process in which individuals connect with manufacturers and promote the product through their networks. Moreover, the government has given proper guidelines and full support regarding this so that the consumers and people investing in this are careful every time they go for it.


Network marketing is full of learning and it provides a lot of experience, doesn’t matter if, in the beginning, one person fails, it’s a slow but continuous growth marketing structure.

Some advantages you get if you join network marketing are:

  1. Safe and secure job

  2. Don’t require full day work

  3. The market doesn’t have any limit

  4. When the network grows, relations with people grow

  5. One will always write their own cheque

  6. Ever recurring model, i.e. the money once earned will keep on growing.

  7. Age, sex, education not important

If you see the stats 91% of developed countries have given a lot of importance to the network marketing and its training, this is no doubt the future of growth in India too. Because of it, compound feature one can easily be done without giving this work full time

There are basically two reasons why this multi-level marketing or network marketing might have set negative effect on the mind of people, namely, first are the companies which step into this industry for fraud and second, are the people who have failed in this market.

The most important feature you need in this type of marketing is matching your psychophysical nature with the work, you need to identify the key competence with the companies because network marketing is all about:

  1. Relations with your upline

  2. Leadership skills

  3. Building a powerful downline

  4. Continuous learning

You have to be spontaneous, ambitious, they talk about change, challenges and responsibility, you need to respect and learn from the upline, then only you people can be successful in network marketing and for success in this field.

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