We want to promote our business, every time we talk to someone, but this can be quite annoying for the person sitting in front of us, this can be really frustrating and the person feels that the sole motive of having a conversation with us is because we want to sell our business to him.

This leaves a very poor impression because this can lead to disinterest in conversation and perspective about that person changes completely, it gives a negative impression that person is profit oriented and don’t care about the feelings.

Some tips for having a genuine conversation are as follows:

  1. Don’t start a conversation for business

Never start the conversation with the sole purpose of selling your goods, you have to ask them how they have been and get their life updates from social media and ask questions accordingly.

  1. Never show off

If you are talking to them about there business, never ever try to prove to them that you have earned soo much and bragging them about your income. They will feel that you are doing this just for the business sake and they will get frustrated and disinterested.

  1. Show interest in there life

Talk to them, show that you care, listen to them as well, you don’t wanna be talking only. You need to show that you care for them and are concerned for there growth too.

  1. Reach out to them

Talk to them in such a way that it seems like you actually want to have a conversation and be positive and talk about events happening in there life.

  1. Know them better

Know them better by checking Facebook and Instagram, let them know that you are aware about the things and events happening in there life.

Don’t be a creep who is avoided by everyone just because he starts bragging about his work every time he talks, or talks way too much by ignoring your interests, try to follow these tips and be the best in selling your business.

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