In life, there are various aspects of building oneself as ‘someone’, you might want to be an entrepreneur, a CXO, or achieve something and reach a level ‘X’.

That might sound obvious, but there are people across the globe that think that they are not as successful as they should be (Cmon, I’ve been there, Accept this!) The common cause of this fact is that people see other people’s success and then compare it with theirs.

And if that is the standard we, as early-stage founders, are holding ourselves to, then trust me, you should get the fuck out from entrepreneurship. You would have opted into entrepreneurship to gain freedom, but it must not be the only cause.

If you love fancy, speaking from experience, it’s ludicrous! While there are platforms build just for that if you pursue it. Those platforms provided the springboard to their success. They were “right time right place” with the birth of social media, influencer marketing, and personal branding. It was probably impossible for them to mess it up, with their entire teams behind them orchestrating their every move.

Celebrity lives are reality tv, played out in reality, but not our reality. If you get my drift.

The two environments, one of being somebody figuring out how to start a business from scratch, and somebody literally just placed on the top of the pile, are not comparable, in any possible sense. At all. Ever.

What they have, would not be attainable for 99.9% of us, and if you compare your achievements to their’s, be prepared for a HUGE disappointment.


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