Quite often, we realize that our lives are static on this huge planet and humans are like a grain of sand on a beach. Many times people say that everything is replaceable, and the thought comes up that you are here to compete with the rest of the world that are like you (in some possible ways). It makes everything look like that with or without you, life will go on as it has been.

But let me tell you, it’s not TRUE. You need to understand the fact that only constant thing in this civilized world is change as everything changes with time, sooner or later. Nothing stays the same. No climate, no resource, no feeling. But for situations to change for better, you need to possess a catalyst. And we all have this catalyst in our lives in the form of people. Simple to state, the world depends on people to be dynamic.

Account now. If the world is dynamic and change is inevitable, what chance do you think a status quo has? The point here is, for things to change, new inspirations, new thinkings, a new mindset, new ideas have to replace the old ones. We all know it. Those who had the idea 5 years ago are the ones who possess it right now. The point is,

The world cannot afford to keep saying ‘NO’ to you if your ideas or perspective changes the way something is done or seen for the better in society.

Since the birth of mankind, things have been dynamic. It’s just us humans who have failed to understand its true meaning. Further, it depends on you now. The world depends on you to innovate, ideate and upgrade itself. The world depends on you to change. And change is the only constant which exists there.

Cheer up! If you carry a new perspective to achieve anything no matter how small or big, the world cannot afford to keep saying ‘NO’ to you much longer. So, get out, and do what matters the most to you.

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