Facebook is the biggest platform in social media when you want to know anything about anyone.  2.19 billion people are active users of Facebook, this means you can know anyone, by looking at there profiles. When we talk about network marketing, the marketer is a brand itself.

1.Don’t Make It About The Company

It’s your personal profile, people already know enough about your company, make your profile about you. Add your profile picture, your events, your personal thoughts, instead of making your profile picture the logo of your company.

2.Let people know you

Always keep people updated on your life, any events, about your family. Post often on facebook so that the people who are in touch with you can see, post comments, start a conversation and eventually sharing your thoughts and experiences with network marketing.

3.Update your profile

You need to get noticed, with every chance you get.

Keep changing your profile picture, cover picture from time to time after every 3-4 months. This will help you to get noticed and will bring you in the eyes of people. Always make sure it’s not about the company and don’t include the company logo in it.

4. Share Motivational Content And Tips

To open board of discussion keeps sharing your personal thoughts and experiences with people on your wall. This will help people to express their views, sharing their comments and getting likes and traffic on the discussion.
These tips will help you to increase your business, always make sure whenever you start a conversation with anyone don’t pressure anyone, don’t show your greed and don’t be desperate about the purchase.

Never try to act like a salesperson with people you are connected on Facebook, don’t work like a salesman, work as a consultant. Understand there needs, provide solutions to the problem.

5.Tell them about the benefits of the product, not its features

Tell them how that particular product will affect their life in making it better.

Keep in touch with people, ask about there life, views on some things, try to understand them and their needs, and try to offer advice and product as per there needs. Convince them that you can help them grow, and your words will leave a great impact on them.

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