“You must always be accountable for your actions”

All your actions have an equal and opposite reaction and are it your business, profession or office job you need to give accountability for every task you perform.

Being accountable means taking responsibility for what tasks you have done, if you are accountable for your actions every time you perform it, chances are you will be a much organized and successful and responsible person and will tend to perform better.

Network marketing is your business and you have to gear up for the growth of the same, you have to face the consequences of your work if you are taking accountability for it.

Make your business accountable

Choosing great coaches/mentors who will guide the people and influence them in such a way that responsibility will be taken for them, your downline must get the best coaching as they require the most of the help and responsibility in growing.

Finding people who have similar goals is also a task that needs to be performed in such a way that accountability, having feedback of your actions, asking for suggestions for improvement and then working on those suggestions, feedback, and work.

Sometimes people are afraid to hold the accountability, but you need to set your personal feelings aside and be a big man to hold a big business! Otherwise, you will go out of business very quickly.

You need to lower down your enthusiasm and have a real conversation with them. As the conversation is the key to network marketing. never be afraid and always keep it professional!

Talk in exact specific numbers, don’t let people slip away with no work, ask them full details and specifics every time. There is no such word as around or approx.

Always finish with love, your employees are human beings, they have feelings of and emotions and you have to make sure they are not hurt, they understand you.

So in order to grow, you have to be accountable for everyone’s action. You are the leader and mentor of your team.

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