We always hear it out loud, that people are “putting in work” or they’re “hustling” and often, these terms are used to a maxim for success. If we put aside much fascination that is encountered in the world of entrepreneurship, we are left off with productivity one commits to. But the question is this: “Are you really being productive with your time and money?” or “is your work merely a heightened form of procrastination?”

To answer these, let’s discuss the 3 levels of productivity one must be aware of,

Level 1: Outright Procrastination

At this level, you ought to be on… zero productivity. I know that hurts, here, you’re neglecting your priorities and responsibilities in lieu of the dopamine rush of a Netflix series or a video game. You need to realize that procrastination is a killer of success and deserves no further mention.

Level 2: Work

From procrastination, you need to head forward towards work. You need to start off by doing ‘something’. Your initial work, no matter how hard you try would not be productive. It’s a cover-up work that you’d be indulging into.

When you are engaged in cover-up work, it may seem like you are being productive by putting in the sweat necessary for success and someday be at your dream place. In reality, you are running a hamster wheel, making no discernible progress. And the primary reason for this is that you first need to make things active which were left untouched till now.

For eg, a salesman who is making 100 sales pitches every single day, closing one. His approach is self-centered & self-pitying. Rather than focusing on the potential customer, and valuing him/her, he focuses on his own deep desire to sell in order to reach the sales target. His egocentric mindset shines like a flare gun when he’s on the front-desk, ending up in NOT closing the final sale.

Nevertheless, at the end of the day, Salesman puts in the tweet “Putting in work! The hustle is real!” which makes it all pointless!

levels of productivity 2019

People engage in cover-up work to feel better about themselves and their lack of progress which is internally killing them. If you are doing cover-up work, you’re still stuck in your comfort zone.

Level 3: LevelUp-Work

It’s where you become truly productive and your hustle stands a chance.

Let’s examine.

Level-up work means doing tedious, tough job that makes the other things work! It means digging up the roots, getting dirty, planting new seeds and making it all count. It means dealing with the grit.

For eg, if the Salesman engages in level-up work, he will spend his evenings learning about human psychology and gaining a better understanding of his potential customers. He will start going from house to house and website to website to learn about his customer base. As his knowledge expands, his percentage of converted customers increases exponentially. Rather than closing one out of 100 lead counts, he closes 10 out of 20, which is what we call productive.

Simply to put, Level-up work means taking time out and investing in yourself so that you can become a strong backbone of your business.


You need to engage in real productivity, start mastering level-up work. because that will be worth spending time for. When you realize that you are the only competition you have, you do become unstoppable. Simply, Put in the hours that matter.

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