Everyone has a story! Their own story, be it a very successful entrepreneur, or an auto driver, everyone has there part they have been through to reach that point or what they didn’t reach that point. Communication is the biggest gift given to humans, which can help them reach very on heights, with the games of words.

When we talk about Network Marketing, we see that people love to hear your testimony, people love to buy but they do not like being sold. They want themselves to believe that It was their decision and it’s a win for them.

Be a speaker, not a salesperson!

When you are giving a presentation on your success story, make sure you have been a salesperson throughout the time, here you have to present your story in such a way so you make people believe you are not trying to sell them the product, you are trying to communicate with them.

Always be Authentic

Make your story a training tool for them, let them learn the problems, the issues, and the difficulties you have been through. Don’t blabber, never be fake, always be authentic and tell what actually happened.

Tell about yourself

Share about your life, your background, your experience. Because when people know you, they tend to connect with you in a much better way, they basically then can relate to you.

Why YOU choose network marketing

The next thing people want to know is your journey, why and how you choose network marketing and why this particular product. You must always tell people why you choose that particular product, don’t make them think about why they should choose it

Always tell your reason to choose not the reason why they should do it.

Share your limiting belief

Tell people how this particular product changes your life and your experience, it’s a great way to overcome the objection, sharing your beliefs help others to overcome there.

Your tangible results

Be specific about how that particular product and network market have changed your mind, show the tangible results to the people. Never go out and tell your income claims, don’t talk about numbers.

If you follow these easy, there are better chances that you will enroll more customers, grow more and this will help you in giving an awesome presentation!

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