We all know that it’s important to set goals in life if you want to achieve something. Also, we all know that the probability of your achieving your ambitious goals increases if you write them down! But, what if, you don’t know what to write down? Keep reading, this post is for you only.

In life, at times you feel that you don’t have ambitions. It’s a dead end road and no vision on what’s next. You aren’t sure of what you could make out of life — may be, it’s just something a bit more than what you currently possess, or maybe just what you haven’t experienced yet, but, when trying to pen in down, its a futile exercise. No worries, here’s how to identify goals that you really want.

1. Relax Your Ideas on Definition of “Goals”

Often, we’re confronted with the ideal meaning of “goal”, and people correlate it with something big, something which changes the world, a revolution or something similar. Maybe, you could also be in an impression that goals should surround and comprise of just money and fame.

Relax! A goal is not something to be stressed upon. In simple words, its something you’d like to do or achieve. Can be buying a bike, house or car? Yes, but it could also be something related to your ambition, for eg, to be the best painter on the planet. And could also be something which matters only to you in this world and no one else.

Goals aren’t things that you “should” do, instead, they are the ones which ignite you to be someone. And any good life coach will steer you away from goals that have been imposed upon you by other people, further, guiding you towards a more meaningful you.

2. Consider the Key Areas of Life

There are generally 7 areas where you can consider setting up goals & the list is as follows,

  • Financial

  • Job/career

  • Physical health

  • Relationships

  • Personal development

  • Community

These 7 key areas would help you gain an overview of what you want from your future, the key segments you would like to invest your next coming days.

Do you ever get a gut feeling that any of them are lacking or are out of balance for you? Do any particular tasks or ambitions come to mind that excites you?

You might find it a useful exercise & write down a score for how you feel you’re doing in each area. Rating yourself 0–10, with 0 being “awful or worst” and 10 being “perfect”. Analyze the areas where your score is low.

What could you do to raise that score? What goals might you set to help you make your life more purposeful?

3. Start With What You Enjoy

We all have natural interests and passions. These are the things which define us, our purpose and majorly what our goals in life. You could relate the list you prepared of the 7 areas and find where your passion could get associated.

Ask yourself. What goals arise from your interests? How could your hobbies become part of something bigger in your life?

You might find it really hard to find meaning in your life. Perhaps, your interests & hobbies don’t seem to lend it to any actual goals. If this is the case, try writing a list of things you don’t want from your life.

Simply, Write down whatever comes into your mind & turn the things around to find your perfect mix of goals!

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