Social media over these years has become one of the most harmful diseases that could primarily harm you in many ways! Our life revolves around social media! Personally, Professionally, and Acamedically. Numerous top universities from around the world have proven in their studies that using an excess of social media can lead to various mental health issues like depression, stress, and anxiety.

We spend minimum 2hours a day to use social media, and the scary thing is we don’t even eat for 2 hours a day. Anything we spend this much time doing has lasting effects on you.

Social media is nothing but a highlight reel of people’s life, which we are constantly comparing ours behind the scenes with. Yes, this was happening before social media through tv, magazines, but now its happening all the time. People are constantly craving for social media currency that is the likes, comments, and shares on your highlight reel.

In SOCIAL MEDIA we are making ourself a PRODUCT!

We all know someone who has taken down a picture because it hasn’t got as many likes as you thought will come. We took our product off the shelf because it wasn’t selling fast enough. This is changing our sense of identity.

We are tying up as the worth of what others think about us. And that’s right, we have to take that selfie just right and to make sure we will take 300 photos.

Coming on to personal growth when you spend this much time thinking and obsessing over social media you tend to waste a hell lot of time, in which you would have completed a book, or hang out with your friends and family, or workout and probably would have taken care or yourself.

These days even the ideal date night has been replaced by “Netflix And Chill”. It’s funny how people instead of truly enjoying themselves are wasting there time by being hooked on social media. But even after all these things, we can take control of our life by following the below methods:


The first and the foremost thing that you need to do in order to take control of your life for personal growth. Stop spending your extra time scrolling on your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter timeline. It’s like pulling yourself back into the black hole. Make yourself busy. Do something productive that will have a good outcome instead of snapchatting 24X7.


Look around, explore, give time in thinking about what you want to do and what you want in your life. You need to fix this issue of sitting idol and spending time on social media. Paint, travel, dance, or do whatever you wish to do, but do not go for checking your social media posts. You need to get a life out of it. Do anything that will distract you from social media.


Instead of posting fake captions on your pictures with friends and family, do something for them that actually will make them feel good. Spend as much time as possible you can with these people because they will actually make4e you feel good about yourself. One thing is the best that when you are with your friends and family, you just dump your phones around and start spending some actual uncaptured beautiful memories.


We strictly need our charging heads near our beds so that we can charge our phones without interrupting our usage. This shows how critical the situation has become. You need to get off your phone and give yourself some sleep, as it is found in a study that people who go to bed with there phones tend to get weirder dreams and incomplete sleep because of the things we see before going to bed. Our mind tends to be mentally fatigued and days feel lazy and unhealthy because of an excess of usage of cell phones instead of actually sleeping.

Instead of this lie-down or meditate or read a book, that will give you a much better exposure and good sleep instead of using social media.

Ask yourself, did that facebook scroll you spend your last hour completely, did that made you feel good about yourself? Are your happy with constant checking of a number of likes and comments on that one picture you posted this morning? Ask yourself, and you might be happy with this, but if you are not don’t waste your time, energy and positivity into something that makes you upset.

Social media will not affect you until you will allow it. Don’t let this toxic thing get in your head and decrease your productivity and chances of your personal growth!

DISCONNECT for self-growth!


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