We think of posting something regarding our network marketing business on facebook thinking that this will be an amazing way to promote our business, but the truth is this makes us look 100 times more desperate, our knowns like our friends and our family don’t even look to for our post, as they lose interest in our profile.

Sometimes in the case of network marketers, they make it very basic, without leaving any type of mystery, which leaves no interest in the mind of people regarding your posts.

What is a curiosity post?

A curiosity post is something as simple as,

“you can lose 10pounds, without having to spend hours in the gym? If you wanna check it out click here!”


“if I can show you how can I help you save 300dollars in your next holiday, would you be interested?”

These type of posts are creating a curiosity by asking a question from the public.

Be promotional, but in an authentic way, don’t post every time as if you are promoting your product in every post, promote it with a style, by including different aspects of saying education, hobbies, politics, etc

Asking for opinions, always ask questions from people and make them interested in your profile, asking for there suggestions and queries. This way it will help the public to know about your company, work you do and about your product.

Appreciating the participation of the general people, by complementing on people and thanking them for the participation and commenting on our post.

Curiosity posts are always helpful as they bring some interest in starting a conversation and creating an impact in the eyes of the public and helping them in solve their queries.

Try to maximize the use of curiosity posts to start with general participation and growth of your business.

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