Hi fellow network marketers! Tired of imparting energy to your team members, but nothing’s working and everything seems inactive? No worries, If you have been recruiting people into your organization but they not taking action, this will help.

1. Build A New One

If you have an existing team where the pulse is not just that great. Just hardly anyone doing anything for anyone and if one person posted Happy Christmas, nobody comments. Just dead. The best thing you could do for your existing team, is building a new one. And by this, I don’t really mean to say that just forget all your team members, I just want to say, extract the team members who are worthy of being present in an active team and remove the rest.

Always remember,

If you are not adding something to the table, you are taking something away from it.

The better way, you just start pummeling people into this. New people. Fresh blood.

The other way of seeing all this could be starting from scratch, but having your old relations with you. Remember, Build an entirely new organization, and that doesn’t mean that you ignore your existing.

Never ignore your existing. Doesn’t mean you don’t love your existing.

2. Put Focus on Yourself

Simple to state, instead of relying on your team to do stuff for you, focus on getting those things done by yourself, for yourself. You go and do it. You go and do the things you wish that those in your team must do, forget everything else as the majority of your team is dying in there. This way, you could save the worthy ones.

Instead of trying to resuscitate them, you resuscitate YOU.

Go put some new blood into the organization. Go bring some new people in.

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