Many of us have heard of network marketing or more popularly known as MLM (or multi-level marketing). While some of us are fascinated by the idea, there are many who just don’t treat it with innovation and admire its beauty. Network marketing is often quoted as the 8th wonder of the world and there are many who just account it to produce their full-time income. As far as I know, many people’s home run on the income generated by the network marketing industry.

Let me share my back story with you. Well, I left my Job in Europe and started investing my time in Network Marketing as a profession in 2003. The biggest challenge in front of me was to prove my worth because I believed in the idea of network marketing and power it fetches. Also, I wanted to achieve my decision as I wanted to become an idol in front of my family, relatives, and friends who criticized me a lot. Keeping this inside my heart, I dedicated my mind and energy towards building a network & inspiring & educating people about the magic with network marketing offered.

prince saini network marketerIt has been almost 17 years since I gave this industry my all in. And the investment hasn’t disregarded me in any possible form. My choice has made me stronger. Alongside my journey, I have changed the lives of many by enrolling them with me in network marketing. Trying to get them fit into the entrepreneurship mindset and making them realize what they could achieve in this industry. Some people ask me, “Why I do it?” Well, my simplest answer is, “to be successful”.

My ideology behind this answer follows, To be truly successful in the network marketing profession, one must have a passion to change lives, beyond their own. You must pour your time, energy and talent into those you mentor, to help them find their purpose in life, what they desire the most. As you gain your own success, you now have the time, energy and resources above what you had to serve a greater purpose in the world and maybe, even share it.

In all, Network marketing is a legitimate business model one may choose to grow with. Lastly, in network marketing, each person can multiply his or her efforts, skills and talents by helping others be successful which accounts to the so-called ‘magic‘ effect.

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Prince Saini is a motivational speaker & network marketer who focuses on building community with a purpose & empower people to achieve the next IMPOSSIBLE.

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