Admit it. We all know that there’s nothing sexier than achieving what you said you were gonna do. This is because it’s always difficult to follow through. When you cross this bridge, you know you’re not an average. It would not be much fascinating that New Year’s resolution success rate is about 8%. Seriously? Only 8% of people sticking on to what they committed.

How can we improve our chances of success? Well, we’ll uncover it. But a pre-knowledge fact is that even with coaches, courses, guides, and apps, one finds a way to blow it off.

So, if you’re facing problems doing things you said you’ll be doing, it’s time to go forward with a MASSIVE action plan. Massive planning means that you need to increase the consequences of failure.

Pulling out your Cheque Book

For the sake of an example, let’s say that you want to exercise and get your body shape together this summer. Ask a friend of yours to hold you accountable, but take it a bit further.

Write down a cheque for the amount that will make you sick down to your stomach to pay. Then date the cheque for the date you’re supposed to achieve your goal. That’s your accountability cheque.

If you fail, the cheque would be cashed out. Your friend gets a lovely payday and you would end up getting an expensive lesson in failure. Didn’t got a cheque book? Try setting up an online standing order to your friend’s account, setting the date till when the goal should be achieved. Make sure you’re reminded of that cheque as often as possible as frequently as possible. Stick your pending goal achievement date where you could see it and your pending payment date around the house.

After this, ask yourself, “Are you willing to let all that money go because you were unwilling to get your own goals done?”

Having this pact with a pending payment date should drastically improve your motivation to get it done.

Why are Goals are so HARD to Achieve?

There are a lot of factors which affect your goal achievement. Goals are broad when it comes down to an idea, several parts skill, will, systems, consistency, and accountability contribute altogether:

  • Are you a firm believer that you are capable of completing the assigned goal? How will you get the skills?
  • Do you REALLY want it? How bad do you want it?
  • What is the step process of achieving your goal? What happens when the steps fail, your contingency plan?
  • Are you committing to the steps every day/week/month and marking up your progress?
  • What happens when you achieve it?

And even with all of these in place, one can experience failures that could kill your spirit along the pathway. So with a little extra motivation, the odds swing in your favor slightly, might not be immediate, but I could say, they’ll be definite.


Give this accountability check a try. Just take care of one thing, If you’ve been constantly resetting your goals, it’s probably the distraction you get committed to. Align your vision on definite goals, which ignite your soul and make you feel proud on its success!

Let me know the results!

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