Leaving a company for another is a very simple and natural process. If you are working in an organization but you happened to see the product of another company then you might think whether or not you should leave your company. But it never means that you shouldn’t ever leave a company. But it happens that sometimes people leave companies very fast and sometimes for all the wrong reasons.

1. Don’t Take It Personally

It is a common sight to see a network marketer leaving a company for joining another company. But, he shouldn’t take it too personally. Actually, it is a thing which happens to just everyone who is involved in business and network marketing.

Sometimes, quitting results from bad timing and sometimes from a personal situation too. Hence, it is important to tell him not to take the matter too personally as it would distract him from his goals.

2. The Common Facts

The grass tends to be greener until the time comes to mow –You must know that the job you were required to do here in this company is viewed as the same which you will be doing in a different company. It is highly important to ensure that the work is the same. Additionally, the love of the product isn’t an indicator of whether or not you will be successful. It might sound weird but loving the product isn’t a requirement.

Common Facts3. Should You Take Other Network Marketing Product

You take tons of products and there are many products that you remain exposed to all through your network marketing career. It would be wiser to support a network marketer. People purchase many network marketing products and people don’t endorse them and they do not develop them as businesses.

You are liberal to like something minus endorsing it in the form of business. However, you must only understand that it is dependent on your goals. You can impact more people by reaching out to them and following up with people. You can also get people with samples or on videos.

4. Develop A Passion For It

It is impossible to generate money from the thing that you aren’t passionate about and so, you can’t roll it like your passion. No matter what your passions are, you can always take the thing. You do the job, mow the grass and then you can take the amount of money you make and become passionate about what you want. You can be passionate about taking your spouse on a vacation and you can do what you wish to do and it is considered the process.

It never happens that you love the product so much that you land up the rank advancement ladder magically. There are many people who want to hammer their team to say that they have got to be a product out of a product and they should be a testimony. There are many people who don’t like a product but develop a humongous business within network marketing and outside network marketing too.

5. Never Bash The Person

Even if you fail to give good advice to the network marketers who are leaving a company to join another, you must never bash them and give importance to your own yard.

Never bash the person


Endorse for what you have a liking versus bash that you hate and it is the case when the matter zeroes on someone who is leaving. You must concentrate inwardly versus the person who has left. In place of staring at those people who are exiting, you must concentrate on the new ones that you are getting in your company.

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