When it comes to social media we all know that it is the best tool to promote your blog, products, anything. It’s the biggest and one of the most inexpensive way to promote anything, and we even get the results very fast. Before posting anything on social media platform we go through a lot of things, example- a time of posting, content that is eligible for posting, the platform of hosting a product.

But there are always some businesses and some people who are just annoying for the social media platform and are catching the eyes of the people in a negative way. Sometimes people don’t realize that they are being annoying on social media. There should be a proper decorum and method that you should follow to avoid any type of negative publicity and bad word of mouth for your business.

Just because you are social media with your business, doesn’t mean that you are doing it right!

Let’s learn some of the social media habits that you should break in order to gain positive and healthy followers:

  1. No Posting Consistency

There are companies/bloggers who post there content either 10 times a day or not even a single post for 10 days, this will make them loose there organic followers, there should be consistency and regularity in posting. People should actually wait for your posts to get live.


  1. Posts Full Of Hashtags

When people put an unnecessary and irrelevant hashtag on their profile and blogs it becomes very annoying and hashtags which make no sense to people spoil the posts.


  1. No Content, Only Pictures

Pictures, videos, and memes make the content very attractive and cute but when its all about pictures it becomes very annoying for the reader because eventually, he is there for content if he wants to see pictures he will google it!


  1. Poor Content Quality

The content should be written in such a way that the reader develops an interest in reading. You don’t want grammatical errors and bad paraphrasing in your work. Make sure to get your content checked by an expert.


  1. Excessive Promotions

We all know promotions are an amazing way of earning good money, but bringing it every time and in every post is even annoying for the reader, it reduces the interest of the reader and he tends not to believe the work of writer once he is into too much of promotions. Readers want the good stuff, they don’t want posts full of ads.

  1. Not Responding To The Readers

Readers always want a personal touch with the person whose writing he is engaged in, he wants to ask questions and appreciate the writer, but if the blogger doesn’t reply to the query of the reader, its like losing a customer. Always pay attention to the people who are paying attention to your work.

  1. Copy Paste Posts

One of the most annoying habits is copy paste status from one wall to another!

Stops this, people are following you for your content, not for copy paste procedure!

These were some of the posting habits which are annoying for readers, so to be a good blogger try not to follow these, be original, keep writing and always express what you really feel!

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