Happy and productive employees are the ones that make a company Great! Similar, an unhappy & unproductive employee could make a company’s profitability suffer. One important factor to note is that any dedicated worker can lose their productivity and become unproductivity. This is one good reason why every company owner or supervisor takes the time to motivate their employees, boost their productivity and give direction to work.

Here are a few super effective strategies to help increase productivity in the workplace,

1. Remove Useless Meetings

Appropriate communication and timely cooperation are crucial aspects which could make any company successful, but one needs to be aware of the fact that meetings are not the only way to do so. When you make meetings too frequent it tends to waste everyone else’s time.

Meetings should always be called in whenever you want to discuss important or necessary topics and if possible, you should call only the specific persons who are relevant to the discussion. Also, since meetings can make employees feel bored and not interested, consider setting up a meeting with a clear agenda and plan to keep a track on where the meeting is headed.

increase productivity at work2. Adapt Modern Technology

Modern Technology makes the work completion process more effective. But if your employees would be working on old tech, just imagine how much ‘extra’ time your employees would be giving up in order to get things done.

Companies can increase productivity by using modern software/technology. It can also save them a lot of time, money and effort, allowing them to concentrate on more important tasks. Additionally, the latest technology can help them at every step of a given task — from project management to email marketing to proposal preparation for the end client.

workplace productivity3. Organized Workflow

Many employees complain about mismanagement in the workplace. A system to track employees workload, effort & accountability could help organize flow and streamline the process.

Productivity suffers when the managers are unaware of what the employees are currently working on and what task would they be assigned next. Organizing an adequate workflow can help make a significant difference by keeping the team at the same pace. This coherency helps the team in moving forward and achieving goals fast.

work prodcutivity4. Rewards Can Help

Everyone feels motivated when their efforts are recognized, appreciated and rewarded. It keeps them motivated to work better next time. Company owners must be well aware of what motivates their employees the most and account that in employee development activities.

For eg, an employee of the month award highly encourages everyone to be more productive as they’ll be appreciated when they outperform whatever work they’re assigned. Other ways include team dinners and occasional holidays on workdays.

Companies that take care of their employee’s interests will always be more productive as compared to the ones that don’t value their employees.

improve productivity in office5. Delegate

By teaching managers how to delegate, a company owner can actually promote productivity practice. Also, it promotes better work and enhances their leadership quality in the work culture. A sense of autonomy is generated among the employees and that empowers them even more to work better. This way, you could also develop trust among your employees. This all helps in developing an employee driving force towards work.

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