Self-improvement can seem like a never-ending process. There is always something that we need or want to improve on in our lifestyle. However, being the best person you can be isn’t the same as looking at your best. It’s not about getting a promotion or achieving straight A’s in a job as well, it’s a bit more than that.

You need to focus on both your internal satisfaction with yourself as well as your impact with choices on those around you. And it can mean different things to different people in very different perspectives.

You must possess a desire to be a “better” person, though “being better” can mean different things for different people. For some, it might be getting a promotion at the job they do and for some, it might be acquiring a new skill and for you, it might be different.

Whatever ignites you from the inside, you just need to realize that to be better, you need to get away from procrastination and flow in with the process of building a future. It’s also not something that someone does for you, you need to make this shift.

So, you charged up to become better? While there isn’t any perfect formula, here are a few tips that matter,

1. Recognize the Key Areas

Whether it’s bad habits or a bad attitude or something we lack, we all need to be self-aware and analyze what are the things that need to be worked upon. Nothing to improve in yourself and why does it even matter? Well, Improving yourself means growing as a person & growth take change before it can manifest. So, work it out, your way!

Things can’t change overnight, they need time and effort. One of the keys to successfully making changes of any kind is to learn from failures, missteps, errors and persevere through them.

2. Live Honestly

You might think, “Why does this matter?” Well, living honestly means way more than that. It means being honest with yourself about yourself, showing integrity, being true with your own choices and doing the right thing — even when no one is there to see & appreciate your efforts.

3. Learn to Master Your Anger

People tend to never experience how anger shapes them and mold up their lifestyle. Even residual anger from things in your past could take a lot on your health and the positive energy of your mind.

To be a true version of better human, you need to control how anger shapes you rather than do the inverse. Things like meditation & support of friends can help, going to a counselor may be best to consider as well if you set out your sail.

4. Give Space for Compassion

The most immediate way to feel like you are becoming the person would be to take part in things that carry a social impact and makes a difference to someone. This might be volunteering somewhere, helping the poor, going out of your way to help a friend/ relative, or making time for someone who needs you.

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