It’s frustrating when people don’t see the network and opportunity they have in network marketing business when you tell them the most amazing plans, schemes, and upline guidance and they still say no!

Recruiting of new people in network marketing is very important, we need to add maximum people for your personal growth, if you don’t recruit new people from time to time you will not make profits that you are supposed to make in networking, this can grade down your efficiency.

Convincing someone is not an easy task, you need to make them believe in yourself, recruitment involves the power that you have to make people fall for your speaking and business plan you have for them.

The key to this is realizing that network marketing is all about numbers.

“Amateurs convince and professionals sought!”

By this, we mean that the amateurs in this business try to convince people, work day and night to get people into there business, where the people who are professional will converse with everyone and then sought from them who is actually interested in working with them. Professional have learned how to present thousands of people to show their opportunity by generating leads to them, it can be online and offline both. But you can reach mass people by the online platform of lead generation.

Reasons you are unable to recruit!

You are judging others!

You are basically preassuming if a person will buy your plan from you or not, never be less of confident or go overconfident in doing your tasks. Don’t be judgemental! You never know who will buy your product, in network marketing we get some most unexpected people to join and vice versa.

Never be desperate

No matter how well your meeting went, or how sure you are about the selling of that particular deal, never act desperate, don’t text them or call them all the time, spamming or nagging them, they will get a mindset that you want them and it’s all about your profit.

Make it about them, now you

Always make them believe that this deal is 100% their profit and this will be an amazing

opportunity for them. Now need their faith to work with them. Tell them how they will earn in long-term, how can they use the extra money, how can you guide them.


This will help you leaving a great impression and making people believe that you care.

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