How Network Marketing Can Be Seen As A Business Model?

We all have heard about the term network marketing, and everyone knows a little about it. But people usually have no idea what exactly is network marketing as a business model and how do things work in a network marketing company and how do they make a profit. As a top network marketer in Delhi, I’m here to help you out.

Network marketing, as a business model, is the type that relies on a network of distributors to flourish a business using strategies as the distributors see appropriate. Expert Network marketers in Delhi and otherwise, usually use three different types of strategies to make money: lead generation, recruiting, and building and management.

In lead generation, we locate new customers and/or clients. In recruiting, we add customers and business partners to our network. And finally, in building and management, we build methods for training, motivating and managing our recruits. To be a top network marketer in India though, you should master all three, or make a hybrid strategy.

Network marketing comes in many different forms, and it is important to understand them all. The three forms of network marketing that we are going to talk about here is single-tier, two-tier and multi-tier marketing.

Single Tier Network Marketing

Single tier network marketing is the simplest of them all. You simply sign up with a company’s affiliate program—or with a top network marketer—to sell their products or services. You can choose any strategy you see fit to do this. You could identify a target market and work towards selling the product to them. You could sell things using affiliate links and such. The possibilities are endless.

In this tier, there’s no need to recruit other distributors under you, and all of your remunerations comes from your direct sales.

Two Tier Network Marketing

Two-tier network marketing is recommended if you’re planning to be on the top of the network marketing scene in the city. It involves some recruiting on top of the tasks in single-tier marketing. Though the money you make isn’t limited to what you get while recruiting more people, you also get to do direct sales along with it.

Moreover, whatever your recruits sell, you get a percentage of whatever they’re selling. Your recruits though are not allowed to hire more recruits. 

Multi-Tier Marketing

Multi-tier marketing or multi-level marketing is a distribution based marketing network that can contain more than one-tier. An extra tier means an extra level of distributors. Although there is virtually no limit when it comes to tiers, companies usually put one. That is because the deeper the hierarchy is, the lower the last tier makes, and hence it becomes limiting. Usually, companies don’t allow more than five tiers.

You can start an MLM based business of any kind, be it for a service, a beauty product or containers, or all of them at the same time! The sky’s the limit! The thing that you have to be very particular about is that you should have a very solid marketing team ready at the very core of your business so that the chances of your success are higher. Otherwise, statistically speaking, most network marketing companies fail within four years of their inception, hence try to hire the top marketers in India, because the better strategies they have, the better will be the returns from the company.

Something that can help your company be successful is recruiting/hiring the people who are actually excited for the products that your company sells. While interviewing people, don’t only test recruits on their sales skills and strategies, also see their pride for the product. If they don’t believe in whatever they’re selling, the chances are that they won’t be very good at it.

Network marketing is a result-oriented business model. Very nice to get your products selling faster by getting the help of people that want to earn money themselves. And for people in single-tier marketing, it’s a great and simple way to earn money, even if you have other commitments.

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