While most of us plan to be successful in life, there are very few that make it through. Many blame the rules made by society, many tend to measure it by the amount of money one makes and there are plenty other definitions to it. Perhaps you’d be having your own while reading this. But there is one crucial factor called culture which plays a vital role in defining excellence & success in life.

Some cultures might attribute ‘excellence’ to a few brilliant, hard-working, prodigy & exceptional cases. Other cultures, such as the one in which I grew up, value modesty & the urge people to try to be the “average”.

If we analyze the idea from its core, Excellence, however, is for all of us. Here are the 10 ways to strive for excellence in life and be more content from the things you got,

1. Identify Your Values

List the five most important values in your life and plan your life around it. When you focus on what matters and put your heart on what matters, you’ll only then encounter your true self.

2. Have A Mission

Have you thought about what you truly want in life? Where does your purpose lie? The answer should be a deeper one, which is beyond the professional choices and must not be confused with hobbies. Identify your mission and write it down, as it will strengthen its value in your life.

3. Open Your Heart

When you meet people, assume that they mean no harm to you & try to open your heart to their lives, experiences and stories. Try to switch from fear to a life where you expect only the best from yourself and others who surround you.

You can develop beautiful relations only when you open your heart and welcome things into your life.

4. Learn Something New Every Day

Start listening to a podcast, join an online course, take part in local communities, read books & watch an informative video to nurture well. You should learn something new every day as if we do simple maths, 365 days = 365 skills. Sounds amazing? Try it.

5. Study & Release Your Emotions

Become aware of your reactions & your emotions in different situations; Observe your thoughts & feelings to become self-aware & learn more about yourself.

Learning how to release negative feelings rather than oppressing it is also a crucial skill to possess. Try out different strategies like writing, dancing, playing instruments, drawing or meeting friends/ relatives. Avoid getting stuck in a spiral of negativity as it would only harm you in the end.

6. Give Without Expectations

Share your knowledge & expertise freely with others to spread your knowledge curve. Teach. Share love and kindness unconditionally with your loved ones. While we usually see giving as a way of getting something, it is an incredibly satisfying deed to let go of any expectation. It also helps in developing gratitude.

7. Take on a Difficult Task

Push yourself out of the comfort zone, take on a task that is hard, this way you’ll grow quicker. It might take a little longer, but take the opportunity to dive into the books & learn something outside of your field of expertise; this shapes up your skill set with a broader perspective.

8. Become a Writer

If excellence is your goal, you need to make sure you can share your views with the world. Communication has always been a good means to carry your message, practice writing at a different level: report writing, short stories, fiction, non-fiction or just try poetry.

Posses the incredible skill of writing would help you in many stages of life, your presentation, your communication, and who knows! you might be the next best-selling author someday!

9. Explore your Limiting Beliefs

What is holding you back? What’d scaring you the most? Identify these limiting beliefs and breakthrough. Don’t think you can’t blog because you’re not a native English speaker or you don’t know how to put down a perfect piece of article. Don’t think you can go on stage because you’re shy or ugly, just go with your internal flow and burst off. Prepare your mind for greatness because it belongs to you!

10. Learn to Press the Pause Button

Another powerful skill to learn is to be fully aware of the signals your body and mind are giving you, this is often the stage when you’re working TOO hard and that’s beyond the limits. If you’ve been going overboard, then it’s important you listen to yourself and press the pause button. Give yourself a break to refuel as you’ll be more productive if you play-pause-play, this way you’ll achieve more, efficiently.

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